Complete Emergency Preparedness in a Changing World

Good intentions are not enough... Do you have an emergency preparedness plan?

World-wide insecurity, growing financial crisis, natural disasters, all these are increasing to a level that we have never seen before.

It has never been more important for you to take action and commit to making immediate decisions towards disaster and survival preparedness planning.

In order to ensure you and your family's safety and security, set your goals to become prepared... Begin NOW not LATER.

What Will I Find On This Site?

Our goal here is to be a Complete and Practical Emergency Preparedness Website...

We intend to help people be prepared with the best information and products we can find for each purpose.

You will find information such as: preparing an emergency food supply, best ways to preserve your food storage, survival lists to help you get organized, survival kits and supplies that will inform you as to what supplies you will need for your situation.

Also Included here are printable lists, guides and plans for each type of emergency or disaster.

We strive to make our pages simple and easy to follow, showing you how and what you need to be prepared.

 Why Do I Need To Be Emergency Prepared?

  • Disaster planning results in better knowledge of what to do in case of an event, also increased safety and security.
  • You will know when and how to react, giving you an advantage in the situation.
  • Be able to supply yourself and others with emergency food, water, and other necessary survival supplies.
  • Greater peace of mind with less stress in a crisis or disaster situation.

Where Do I Begin?

It's next to impossible to tackle everything all at once. Not all plans fit all people, begin by following simple and practical steps:

1. Make a Plan:
You are welcome to follow one of the plans we outline here or modify one of the plans to cover the needs of your specific lifestyle.

2. Prepare Physically:
Planning and preparing sufficient supplies, first aid kits, essential food and water needed for survival during a disaster situation. Keep in mind it could possibly be for long term, not just short term survival.

3. Prepare Mentally & Spiritually:
In times of trouble people search for safety, physical and spiritual. Here you will find hope and biblical inspiration that will help you take your focus off the fear's of this world.

We invite you to meander through this site, gaining survival preparedness knowledge, and taking inspiration where you find it. The topic's and products detailed on these pages can help you become more prepared for a crisis or disaster when it does come.

Keep this thought in mind as you browse through the pages on the All-Things-Emergency-Prepared website... "Emergencies and disasters WILL happen, it's not a matter of IF, it's a matter of WHEN."

Start taking steps towards your
emergency preparedness goals.
Be Proactive and do not Procrastinate...
"The Time Is Now"

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Shopping The Recommended Stores Below
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