3 Important Survival Mentalities

by The Joes
(High Desert)

Emergency Survival Mentality

Emergency Survival Mentality

There are 3 important survival mentalities that are good for your head. What us Joes have seen is; people's spiritual or mental conditions are just as important as food in your body or gas in your tank.

Hello again, Last time we talked to you about the 3 things you should never be without, that would be your blade, the ability to make fire, and the ability to defend yourself. These are derived from experience.

Science tells us that when you are under stress, your bodies are burning more calories. It also tells us that when we're cold, we turn up the burn, we burn calories to create heat.

So ordinarily, we compensate by eating more chow. We feed the fire. What if we don't have food? What if we don't have enough of it? What if we're on short rations?

As leaders, we have to find a way to reduce the caloric needs. We have to find a way to make less into enough. So you might have noticed that every Outward Bound instructor (which we used to be), and every experienced Cop or EMT projects an attitude of sheer and raw CAPABILITY.

I guess I'll let you in on this secret: We do not in fact, know exactly what to do in every situation. But if we allow this uncertainty to be projected, if people get the idea we don't exactly know what to do, things will go downhill fast.

And one thing that gives us our capability is; that us Joes know, no matter how bad it gets we gotta do the job. Just like there's 3 things we carry, there are 3 states of mind we try to stay close to, 3 lessons that all us Joes know from traditional knowledge:

  1. Don't worry about the other guy.

    Never compare yourself to anybody. Some will always be rich and seem to have it easy. Us Joes often go camping with our run-down trucks and our tattered gear and we see them showing up in their Hummers with nice and expensive gear, their gear honestly costs more than any one of us Joes makes in a year, and we're raising children on this budget!

    Guess who pulls them out of mud-holes and gives them water when they don't have enough? We've all seen the guys with the Hummers and the gear, the ones who stay up late around campfires and talk about how great they are all night long, then they sleep in late and miss all the good hunting and swimming when the waters are cool and nice.

    But the teaching here is about jealousy. As in DON'T BE THAT. Never envy any man. Jealousy and spite will burn your butt and the space between your ears... and you're burning off needed calories. So don't worry about the other guy.

  2. Speak the truth soft and wait to see who listens.

    One of the parts in The Book that us Joes like, known as The Holy Bible, is the part where it says "wisdom is the quiet voice in a noisy marketplace". Wisdom speaks to those who listen and she don't waste time with people who don't.

    Now the final point, it's pretty much about survival and it's as important as any other single thing:

  3. Eat what the wife gives you and tell her it's good.

    Guys, did you ever make a barbecue or a special stuffed turkey and you were so proud of it, you wanted so much for everybody to try some because you put a lot of work into it and you are just itching inside of your pants because you want so much for people to yum-out on your chow and tell you how great it is?

    OK, our women go through that every day and in a survival situation, women can't do the one single thing they want most, which is to give us a yummy meal and have us tell them it's awesome and that we love them. This is what most guys forget. Put a good man under pressure and he will perform, he'll do what's necessary, but he'll forget to reassure his woman.

    A woman under duress will be challenged to take care of the children. The children will pick up this emotional state and before you know it, their caloric requirements have gone through the roof and there's nothing you can do to feed and warm them. And you just went from being the capable leader into being a baby-sitter and that's the last thing we want.

Those are the 3 survival mentality rules that keep us Joes humble. That and our women.

I suppose that's another secret we might as well not tell you... if you think us Joes are fearsome, you should see our women. Not too many of them under 250 pounds. We like 'em big and strong and capable. We like women that can chop wood and carry water, and they have to do that with the papoose, a child cradled on their backs. Us Joes are mighty proud of our women-folk. If'n we didn't tell them, we love them often and convincingly.

So like most Joe stories we kinda ramble around, and then kinda get to the point. The psychological condition of those under your care means about as much as the ability to make fire. And this is why you have one of the most important survival tools in you right now: HUGS.

Women react really positively to hugs, and so do the kids. Just give them a real tight squeeze and make that moment last for an eternity... and when you feel their bodies relax you say the magic words: We're the Joes. We're gonna take care of you. Because of the 3 Secret Words.

Let's review the 3 Survival Mentalities:

1. Don't worry about the other guy, worry about you and yours.

2. Speak soft and wait to see who has enough sense to listen.

3. Eat what the wife gives you and tell her it's good. And give her a big hug and a squeeze.

These are the 3 words of wisdom from Grandpa Charley-Joe who told us that we're a pretty mean bunch of stompers, but us Joes knows we ain't nothing without our women, and we ain't got no reason to be, but for the kids.

We're very honored that this great website gives us a forum to communicate. We're busy making friends or at least we're trying to. Fact is, we never really got along with most folks or they didn't much like us. Takes a certain kind of people to tolerate our presence.

Thanks to all of you who have written to us and visited our website at longtermstoragefood.com.

- Mountain love from the Joes.

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From someone who knows.
by: mamajac

I really liked you article especially the part about hugging your kids and women. That is something alot of men don't understand, a little hug goes a long way. I am one of those mountain mamas. I have lived all my life in the mts. of West Virginia and what you said is true.
1. Don't worry about the other guy, worry about you and yours.

2. Speak soft and wait to see who has enough sense to listen.

3. Eat what the wife gives you and tell her it's good. And give her a big hug and a squeeze.

Those three things will serve you well if followed. Very good advice neighbor!

Good Survival Thinking!
by: Just an Old Survival Man

Wow, that was a great survival article that wasn't out of a dictionary and was actually fun to read. A real life story that we should take to heart (especially the "hugging the wife part").

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