How to Pick the Best Pocket Knife

Spydeco Delica 4

The best pocket knife comes in all shapes, sizes and looks.  Weather you keep it in your pocket or a purse, pocket knives are the best all-around tool to have. Find out why and how to find the perfect pocket knife for you.

Why do I need a pocket knife?

Have you ever been standing there with a bunch of your friends and someone needs a wire cut or something trimmed?...  Out come all the cool pocket knives to the rescue.  The best pocket knife is easy to find.  It is right there in your pocket and always ready for action. Pocket knives are compact and there is always something that needs to be trimmed, pried, peeled or cut. The more you use it the more uses you will find for it.

What can I use a pocket knife for?

A pocket knife has unlimited uses. You only need to use your imagination. My husband calls his pocket knife his, “Everyday Tool.” The cool thing is it is right there in your pocket.  Just get it out and use it.

Here is just a few suggestions:

Pocket knife as a wire cutter
  • Cutting rope or string
  • Opening packages
  • Removing splinters … very carefully of course
  • Cut off zip ties
  • Cutting or stripping wire
  • Opening the mail
  • Food prep
  • Leather punch

Pocket knife as a box cutter
  • Yard work
  • Cutting packing tape or duct tape
  • Trim threads
  • Make shift screwdriver
  • Making holes in tarps for hanging
  • Make shift fishing knife
  • Shaving kindling or if you are not so outdoorsy opening a bag of charcoal.

How do I choose the best pocket knife for me?

Here are some guidelines when shopping for a pocket knife. You may have other qualities you are looking for too. Add them to the list as well.

  • Comfort – you don’t want blisters using it.

  • Blade length - Since we are talking Pocket Knives, you don’t want a HUGE blade in your pocket. The best length of the blade is about 3”

  • Easy open - getting your pocket knife open can be a dangerous as using it improperly if you have to yank and pull with your full strength. Look for a knife that opens fairly easily yet will not come open in your pocket… If the knife is tough to open, you won’t want to use it and when you do there is a chance of an injury.

  • Lock open - I like this safety feature. This way it will not fold down on my fingers while I am using it.

  • Closed length – Is it comfortable in your pocket?

  • Blade type – a straight edge will work the best for a starter knife. Leave the serrated edges for the hunting or tactical knives.

  • Extra features – Do you want a nail trimmer, screw driver, etc.?

  • Look and feel – This is very important. If it does not feel right in your hand or you don’t like the looks of it you won’t use it or carry it.

  • Brand – There are many reputable brands out there, Spydeco (most are made in the USA), Buck ( Made in the USA), Case (Made in the USA), Benchmade (Made in the USA)

  • Cost – For a starter pocket knife I wouldn’t go above $50. You can get a good sturdy, well-made knife for under $50.

Do you have any pocket knife reviews?

pocket knife is a great tool

I happened to have just received my new Spydeco Delica 4 pocket knife from , so I thought I would add a personal pocket knife review.

Let's see how it fits in with the "Best Pocket Knife" criteria above:

  • Comfort - It is very comfortable in the hand. It has a fiber glass reinforced Nylon handle. It is a larger pocket knife so it is a bit heavier.

  • Blade length - 2.88 inches

  • Easy Open - opening to a small 7 1/8 “ knife, The easy open feature is one of the reasons I wanted this knife. It has one hand opening capabilities. There is a hole in the top of the blade for easy gripping when you open it.

  • Lock Open - It has a lock open feature and it has “Boye Dent” release. This is a very strong lock that holds under pressure.

  • Closed length - 4 ¼ “ Perfect for a pocket or purse…girls like pocket knives too.

  • Blade type - VG 10 blade with a ring hole for easy opening.

  • Extra features - a belt clip that is screwed on, so there are no rivets to break.

  • Look and feel - I think it is a nice looking knife and the hand grip fits just right into the hand. No slipping while I use this knife. Will I be proud to take it out and use it? Yes.

  • Brand - Spydeco, made in Japan

  • Cost - $54.00. This was a little over my suggested cost, but I think it was well worth it.

I have used this knife for a few days now and I love it. It has come in handy for so many things and fits right in my purse. Although my husband seems to always find it in HIS pocket. (I may need another one.)

Asking, “What is the best pocket knife?” is like asking, “What is the best camp stove?” It is all about what YOU want.  Now that you have some guidelines to go by and you can decide from there. Go out and shop. Touch and feel. Hold one in your hand. See how it fits in your pocket. Think about all the handy everyday uses it has.

My answer to, “What is the best pocket knife?” is…. One you use.

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