Biblical Survival Planning

What Does The Bible Say Regarding Biblical Survival Planning, or Preparing An Emergency Action Plan?

What Does The Bible Say Regarding Biblical Survival Planning, or Preparing An Emergency Action Plan?

A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge,
but the simple keep going and suffer for it.
Proverbs 22:3

Joseph was told to store grain

Many crisis and disaster conditions that required an emergency action plan have already come and passed... but many more will certainly be coming.

In the Bible passage Genesis Chapter 41, God gave Joseph exact instructions to store grain to preserve his own people, to help sustain Israel, and the nation of Egypt through a severe seven year food shortage, or famine as the Bible calls it.

Noah was given instructions to build an Ark

Also in Genesis Chapter 6, Noah was warned of the coming flood and was commanded to prepare by building an ark, which included gathering all the necessary supplies to sustain his family and the animals that were to be placed on the ark.

As seen in just these two biblical survival planning events... Stocking a reserve storage of food, water, and other supplies enables us to be physically prepared, just as Joseph and Noah were. Therefore, when crisis comes we have the blessing of using the food storage and supplies to sustain our families and loved ones.

Use the situation and supplies for God's glory

Also to God's glory, we can use these crisis situations to help those in need with the extra that we have prepared... we can bless others that may not be prepared physically and/or spiritually.

The Bible teaches... every good thing that we are given - comes from God. Be prepared and willing to help others in need, with what He has blessed you with.

Spiritual Preparedness is the best plan

There are several instances in the Bible where prior to an emergency or crisis, God gave physical instructions for biblical survival planning.

However, in other situations His instructions for preparation were meant for spiritual preparedness, and the only thing the people were given was God's promise that He would protect and preserve them.

As we face hard and uncertain times, we must believe and have faith that God's Word is True, and His protection will be with us in any situation that arises!

Below is a devotional written by David Wilkerson pointing out
several examples of biblical survival planning.

by David Wilkerson | March 19, 2010

No matter how unsettled the world becomes, God's people can relax and keep their joy flowing, because our Lord has promised special protection when it is most needed.

Didn't God have an emergency plan for the children of Israel during the worldwide famine? He sent Joseph ahead to Egypt, promoted him to prime minister and filled the warehouses with enough grain to last out the famine. He then transported his people within walking distance of those storehouses and fed them to the full all through the raging famine.

Didn't God have emergency plans for Elijah? While his nation reeled under the impact of an economic collapse and food was scare because of severe famine—and a wicked king had a ransom on his head—God put his emergency plan for Elijah into effect. He hid him by a quiet brook and fed him by having a bird deliver his food. The survival plan also included a mysterious barrel of grain that never ran out.

What about Noah? What a detailed survival plan God had for him and his family! An ark—floating him and his family safely above all the death and destruction of a worldwide flood.

And Lot? God actually sent angels to personally pull him and his children out of the doomed city of Sodom. God's hands were tied until Lot was safely out of the suburbs. It was more than a loss of his job, more than a collapse of the economy, more than a downfall of the government—it was total annihilation of his society. But Lot was delivered safely.

Paul proved God's emergency contingencies over and over! This apostle was shipwrecked, chased by thieves, imprisoned, accused of treason and plotted against by assassins yet, in every crisis, God had a contingency plan for deliverance. Only when God determined his race was over did he call in his last contingency plan. He called him to his resurrection.

We, too, have an emergency plan for survival—designed specifically for each believer. Let there be no question about it—God will see us through every crisis!

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