Dehydrated Candy Apple Slices

Candy Apple Slices

These little slices will take you back to the childhood experience of eating red candy apples on a Saturday afternoon.

Packed with flavor and goodness...You could eat them by the handful.


Ingredients for dehydrated candy apple slices

10 – 12 Apples (l like to use Gala or Red Delicious)


4C water

2 TBL. Fruit Fresh or lemon juice


3C Sugar

1 ½ C Water

1 tsp. Whole Cloves (optional)

½ C Red Hot Cinnamon Candy

½ tsp. red food coloring (optional)

How it is done:

Washing Apples

1) Wash Apples

How to peel and slice apples

2) Peel and slice the Apples to ¼ “ slices. Peeling is optional, but I choose to peel my apples because I don’t like the wax that is on them from the grocery store.

Dip apples in citric acid so they don't turn brown

3) Make the dip by mixing the 2 TBL fruit fresh and water together.

4) Drop apple slices in the dip and let stand for 5 minutes.

5) Remove apple slices from the dip and place on the drying trays to drain.

6) Put the trays in the dehydrator.

Dry the apples

7) Dry apple slices for about 5 hours or until they are a little more than half dry.

Make the syrup

8)  Combine in a heavy sauce pan: sugar, water, cloves (optional), cinnamon candy and red food coloring (optional)

9)  Bring syrup mixture to a boil then reduce the heat to a simmer.

10)  Simmer the syrup until all the red hot candy is dissolved.

Rehydrate the apple slices in the syrup:

rehydrating apples in syrup

11)  Drop half dried apple slices into the syrup and make sure they are all covered with syrup.

12)  Let the apple slices soak in the syrup for 5 minutes.

13)  Remove the candy apple slices from the syrup with a slotted spoon and place back onto the trays, in a single layer, to dry.

Dry the apples some more

14)  Dry in the dehydrator for another 8-12 hours or until completely dry… not sticky.

15)  These candy apple slices should not be sticky  when they are done. The sugar syrup will dry hard.

16)  Let cool

17)  Store.  Here is a good Dehydrated Food Storage page, if you have any questions.


18) Eat... Yummy!