Disaster Survival Equipment

When a disaster strikes, emergency supplies and disaster survival equipment vanish from stores.

Take the steps to prepare before a crisis... it will be a huge benefit for you and your family when a disaster does happen.

Remember, when the time comes that you DO NEED to be prepared, the time for preparation is over!

What Equipment Do I Need?

The answer to what equipment or survival supplies you may need can vary, depending on where you live and the types of emergencies that you may face.

In general, the product categories in our list below cover most of what you will need, they are ideal for emergency situations.

You may not need every product in all categories, so when planning be practical and sensible for your specific situation and lifestyle.

Disaster Survival Equipment List - 10 Basic Categories:

1. Power Generators and Fuel

  • Portable Fuel Generators
  • Portable Solar Generators
  • Wind Generators
  • Fuel Containers - Keep Full...
    Rotate and keep fuel containers full, fuel is always one of the first items to disappear in an emergency or disaster situation.

Emergency Generators [fuel, solar, or wind] are the #1 choice by consumers for preparedness equipment.

See Our Emergency Generators Page for Product Recommendations, Information on Safety and How to Use Emergency Generators.

2. Warmth and Shelter Equipment

  • Emergency Heaters/Stoves
  • Survival Blankets
  • Sleeping-bag/Blankets
  • Fire-starters, Firewood, etc.

3. Water Supplies:

  • Purifiers
  • Filters
  • Containers
  • Hand Well-Water Pump
    (Hard to find item for self-sufficient well-water supply)

Find additional emergency water information and product recommendations on these pages:

4. First-Aid Supplies and Emergency Kits

  • 72 Hr Kits, Grab-n-Go Kits, Survival Kits
  • First Aid Kits -
    Keep one in your Emergency Survival Kits, House & Car
  • Auto Emergency Kits
  • Pet First Aid & Emergency Kits

Our Emergency Kits Page has additional information on the different types of Emergency Kits and what situations they are best used for.

5. Cooking Supplies

  • Emergency Stoves
  • Fuel Canisters

6. Lighting Products

  • Candles
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Lanterns

7. Sanitation & Hygiene

  • Portable Toilets
  • Cleaning and Disinfectants

8. Emergency Weather Radios

Find out why you should have an Emergency Weather Radio on our Emergency Radio Page. Also, Emergency Weather Radio Information, Tips and Product Recommendations.

9. Preparedness Guides

Get free disaster planning worksheets and emergency preparedness guides: Disaster Planning Page

10. Self Defense Items

Self-Defense - Many people are not comfortable with this topic, but the fact is, the threat of violent activity escalates during emergency and disaster situations.

For individuals that are concerned with surviving brief encounters of violent activity, or want home protection products... Visit our Emergency Self Defense Tools Page

Events Requiring Disaster Survival Equipment

Specific emergency situations require different types of disaster survival equipment, below is a list of possible events that would require prior preparedness for your personal safety or survival.

  • 1. Natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, wildfires, and severe thunderstorms, etc.
  • 2. General panic or collapse of society, resulting from the unavailability of common-use necessities: fuel, electricity, food, and water.
  • 3. Disaster brought about by the activities of mankind: chemical spills, release of radioactive materials, nuclear or conventional war, the spread (pandemic) of a communicable virus.
  • 4. Monetary disruption or economic collapse: hyperinflation, deflation, and/or worldwide economic depression.
  • 5. Widespread chaos, or some other unexplained apocalyptic event.

After looking over these scenarios ask yourself, how many of these events have already happened to you or someone you know? How many of these events could or will happen again, possibly in the very near future?

Be Prepared for the Emergencies that we may face...
It is always better to have it and not need it, than to need it and
not have it. Start by incorporating a "Be Prepared"
pro-active outlook into your everyday life.

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