Egg Preservation

by Cherrie Sorenson
(Tooele, UT )

Egg Preservation -
How to keep eggs fresh for hard times, self-sufficient living, or emergency preparedness.

There are so many people struggling throughout the world whether it be to the basic hard ships of life, job loss or natural disasters. For example Utah sits on a major fault, our thoughts are "When will the big one hit"? No matter where we live we need to be prepared for what ever comes our way!

One way we can be prepared is learning how to keep eggs fresh through egg preservation. My Aunt's mother who lived during the great depression was able to keep eggs fresh from August to Spring without refrigeration.

She was able to do this by mixing one part Sodium Silicate with nine parts boiled and cooled water commonly known as water glass.

  • She would see to it the eggs were wiped down but not washed.
  • She would pack them small end down in a 3 gallon crock, and
  • pour the solution to completely cover the eggs, not allowing them to touch.
  • She then stored them in a cool place.

When she was ready to use the eggs she would take them out gently with a spoon or her hand, (as they would be extremely soft) and rinse them off. She would then use them just as if they were fresh eggs.

Cherrie Sorenson

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Great information!
by: Anonymous

Cherrie, this is such good information... I truly hope that people will "heed the call" to prepare with simple things like how to store eggs.

I do raise a few of my own chickens so I have fresh eggs most of the time, but for those that don't, or even when I have a surplus of eggs, I will definitely try this method of preserving eggs.

Thank you for sharing your information!

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