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Food Storage Recipes

Are you prepared With Food Storage Recipes?

The word about emergency preparedness is spreading, more people are stocking-up with an emergency food supply for hard times, disasters, and crisis situations.

To best utilize and enjoy all of those stored survival food ingredients... you will need good-tasting, tried-and-tested, food recipes!

Keep In Mind:

In a normal situation we cook with fresh or harvested ingredients, from (ideally) our own home grown garden foods, and also what we have on-hand with store-bought ingredients.

When fresh or on-hand ingredients are not available... whether it's because of the time of season, or from a disaster or crisis situation, you may need to substitute the recipe with your food storage and emergency food Ingredients.

If most of your food storage is freeze dried, Stephanie Peterson does a wonderful job with her "meals in a jar" type cook books like The Gourmet Food Storage Handbook. I have used quite a few of her recipes and they are even good enough to give as gifts.

Some food storage recipes of my own

Dehydrated Apple Slices

Dehydrated Candy Apple Slices

These yummy apple slices taste just like a candy apple, but they are way easier to eat. They will take you back to childhood & Saturday afternoons at the carnival.

Get the pictorial recipe here... Candy Apple Slices

Ground beef Jerky Recipe

Ground Beef Jerky Recipe

Here is a great way to make beef jerky on the cheap. It turns out just like store baught at less then half the price.

Get the pictorial recipe here ... Ground Beef Jerky Recipe

Using A Regular Recipe For - FOOD STORAGE RECIPE

Many recipe ingredients can simply be substituted with what we will call Food Storage Ingredients: These are foods that are most likely to be (or should be) in your food storage, such as: bottled, canned, dehydrated, or freeze-dried - meats, fruits, vegetables, herb seasonings, and of course a good supply of dry baking ingredients; flour, sugar, etc.

TIP: By simply re-hydrating (adding water) to many dehydrated and/or freeze-dried storage foods you can substitute the required ingredients for your recipes that you might not have on-hand.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a friend or relative that taught them the skills of living off the land, or someone that has passed down the How-To's of self sufficient cooking.

Linda, a site visitor, has submitted a few survival food recipes to share with everyone. A few of her delicious recipes have been posted in the pictures below.

Linda also grew up predominantly living a self sufficient lifestyle. She continues to live that lifestyle and also knows how to utilize the foods that she and her husband have grown, hunted, fished, harvested, and stored. She has written her story of Living Off The Land, you are welcome to Read Linda's Story Here.

We would love to have any of our site visitors post an emergency food recipe of their own. It's very easy to do... click the link below to share your great recipe with others.

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Warm Potato Green Bean Salad Recipe
Wild Game Chili Recipe
Fish Burgers Recipe

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