Grab Those 5 Gallon Plastic Storage Buckets

by Tumbleweed Joe
(from the - High Desert)

5 gallon bucket tips
Howdy, I'm Tumbleweed Joe. I'm here today to tell you... grab those 5-gallon plastic storage buckets, every one you can find.

We're using them for... tool-totes, water transport, compost, food storage, and we're growin' things in them. Every dang thing - maters, taters, onions, peppers, sage, beans, everything but really deep root stuff like corn.

We compost in them and rotate soil seasonally and here's what makes them really great in the high-desert where we're from: soil and water conservation are always really premium value systems and tilling and cultivating soil in a desert is NOT easy. It takes like 3 times the work to get the same effect as folks in say, Missouri.

Portable Agriculture (Survival Gardening)

Buckets allow us to do "portable agriculture" so when we have to move from one spot, we take the farm with us, it don't matter if the crops are growing or we're just transporting our dirt. That's OUR DIRT and we're taking it with us. And those are OUR WORMS. It takes a bit of work to get nice happy worms going in desert soil and we kind of cherish them for all the great work they do for us, so we take them with us too.

So basically to get into portable gardening with buckets, you need to call up all the painters and drywall guys in town. Always try to get the buckets with the lids. And when you have your buckets, spray paint them orange, just an orange marker on them, not like you have to paint the whole bucket, but a marker to show these are agricultural buckets and not your food-grade buckets or water-transport buckets.

The next thing you do is drill a few holes around the base to let them drain. Now you have your planter bucket. Then get some used window-screen to line the bucket so your worms don't defect to Cuba, fill it with your best top soil, then chuck some plants into it.

Advantages of Using REGULAR 5 Gallon Buckets:

1. They are portable. The buckets have handles. They aren't all that heavy. So we can adjust their position to take advantage of sunlight wherever we need more of it or even less of it for shadier plants.

2. We can quarantine sick plants really easy and separate them from healthy plants so they don't all get sick.

3. Water and soil conservation methods are at their peak.

4. If you arrange your buckets with sufficient density, kids and dogs and cats can't pee on the interior buckets. Most peeing critters pee lower than the bucket.

I really love my animals but I could just skin them when they start peeing on the plants. Stupid dogs think they are helping. They can tell we think the plants are important, so they do us the favor of marking them.

Now FOOD GRADE buckets are a whole other story, and we should all be on the lookout for them:

These are scored from restaurants and institutional food service facilities. You totally want to be friends with them to score their buckets for food storage purposes.

NEVER EVER let your agricultural buckets and tool buckets get mixed in with the food buckets.

Once you got yourself some good food grade buckets, oxygen absorbers, and Mylar bags - Then you can make your own state-of-the-art long term storable foods.

Our focus isn't on expensive commercial products, we're pretty poor to put it bluntly. Our focus is on cheap and free. Check back here on this website, and with our website, for more interesting tips in the future.

Much Love,

~ The Joes' ~

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Those Wonderful 5 Gallon Buckets!
by: Cheryl - Webmaster

I always knew 5 gallon buckets were handy to have around, but you point out a few tips that I hadn't thought of.

Thanks for sharing Tumbleweed Joe.

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