Maintaining Your Faith In The Midst of Trials

by Constance

I am going through a trial right now, that has been on-going for some time. I was once told "the higher the level, the bigger the devil." I am finding this to be oh so true.

My storm began in 2009 when I accepted a elevated leadership position with one of the largest health care systems in this country. This is a position that I had desired to achieve. I enjoy what I do. However, small trials began to arise and escalate.

Long story short, this coveted position that had worked so hard to obtain and maintain, was taken away quickly due to a minor issue. Boom, here I am 50 years old, highly skilled, educated, and unemployed.

I found this page on Google and I began reading these Scriptures daily. I have found comfort and encouragement in these passages. I also read Psalms 91 daily.

My fate with this company is being determined by others. I am not sure what the outcome will be, but I pray and trust in God. If it is his will that I return to my position, fully reinstated, I will. If it is not his will, I am asking God for the strength to remain faithful, trusting, and to move on in his will. Trust me, this is tough.

~ Constance

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Maintaining Your Faith
by: Emily

There is a fact that sometimes we dont know what is good for us and we become hopeless. I think life becomes very easy if we truely believe on God that there must be any good reason behind that tragedy. So have faith and try to your best. Research paper service can help you improve quality of your college essay. Thanks

faith in almighty
by: Kinkade

I'm in the midst of a trial on the almighty. I have complete belief on him that he will put me out of the worst trial I'm going on now. All the essay writers has the same opinion on the almighty according to the psalms.

by: Anonymous

We should always have faith in god and he takes care from all the problems.helped me to understand about god. The story in the website is amazing and keep posting the good work.

by: Stephanie Samantha

It is true that when we lose something big, we become hopeless. That time God help us and take us out from crucial times. So in bad times and in good, It is important to remember God is always there for us. Just pray, thank Him and trust Him. May God give you more strength and courage to fight with your problem.

dont lose hope
by: Rebecca

We should always believe in almighty God. There will be worst situations in our life and if we have trust in God we can overcome every challenge in our lifeBeverly Diamonds Reviews. This story is really an inspiration.

Sharing Through Tough Times
by: Cheryl - Site Owner

Thank you for sharing your story Constance, I know it will bless others also.

Hebrews 3:5 says, "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you". Because you believe and have not given up, He is your 'constant' hope.

I will be praying for your situation, God Bless You!

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