Personal Items You Should Store in Case of an Emergency

by Elli
(Salt Lake City, UT)

Your emergency kit is well stocked with first aid supplies, water and non-perishable foods. If a disaster strikes, you will be ready to feed and protect yourself and your family for a few days.

Being ready for an emergency is about more than taking care of your physical needs, though. You might also want to have a few personal items stashed in your emergency kit to help calm your emotions and help you weather the storm.

1. Books

Think of a book that you turn to when you are feeling lost or are struggling. It can be a book of poetry by your favorite poet, a self-help book that you've found useful or a favorite novel. Keep a copy of this book with your emergency kit so that you have something to turn to during a disaster.

Also put a few of your kids' favorite books in the kit. Familiar stories and pictures books will help them stay calm during a scary time.

2. Spiritual Guides

A copy of your religious text, whether it is the Bible or another book, will help you get through a disaster. You might also want to include a book of devotions to help you reflect on relevant passages of the Bible or other text during the disaster period.

3. Card or Board Games

Tuck a few travel-sized games into the kit. The games will keep your family occupied in the event of an emergency and will prevent boredom. Ideally, you want games that do not require much in the way of technology. Battery powered games might not be the best idea, as they will drain power that you might need for more critical purposes.

4. Small Photo Album

Looking at pictures of your loved ones can help you pass the time in the event of a crisis. Fill a small photo album with copies of your favorite pictures of family and friends. Include pictures from your wedding, your child's first birthday, and other memorable occasions. Put candid pictures and photos from less formal events in the album as well.

Go through the album with your children as you wait out the emergency. It might be the first time your kids have seen these pictures. Going through the album will give you a chance to bond in a time of crisis.

5. Stuffed Animals

A soft, cuddly stuffed animal can comfort a child or an adult during a fearful time. Pack a small stuffed animal for each person. The animal can be a child's favorite character or a generic teddy bear.

6. Journal or Notepad and Writing Utensils

Give yourself the chance to collect and record your thoughts and observations during the emergency by packing something to write on and something to write with. You can pack a fancy, hardbound journal or something as simple as a legal pad. Also provide writing utensils and notepaper for other members of your family.

7. Portable Musical Instrument

If you or anyone in your family has musical talent, consider including a portable instrument in your kit. This can be an acoustic guitar or something much smaller such as a recorder or violin. You can also pack the sheet music to your family's favorite hymns or other songs so that you can sing together as you wait.

8. Coloring books and Markers

Coloring and drawing can help both children and adults weather a time of crisis. A small selection of markers or crayons with a few new coloring books is ideal. If your children are past the age for coloring books, a small sketchpad is a great idea.

An emergency situation often means you will have a lot of time on your hands to think and reflect. Make the best of the time by packing items you know will help you emotionally and spiritually.

Author Bio: Elli is a writer for She writes about home and family safety, home security, disaster prevention, and other safety tips. When she isn't blogging, Elli can be found backpacking and enjoying the outdoors in SLC, Utah.

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