Preserving Your Own Meat

by Cherrie Sorenson
(Tooele Utah)

Preserving your own meat is a great way to become more self sufficient with your food supply. One way we can prepare our family for the unknown is in being self reliant and preserving our own meat by taking advantage of local meat sales, butcher meat, and also fresh kill from hunting.

Convert an old refrigerator into a smoker -

When I lived at home my father converted an old refrigerator into a smoker. After deer hunting or fishing, he would smoke his own meat in the garage, we had our own fresh fish and deer jerky, it was sure delicious!

Best woods for smoking meat -

My father also said the best kinds of wood for smoking meat are apple, alder, vine maple, old oak or any hard wood that burns with a smoldering fire and gives off a lot of dense smoke. He used smoked salt if available rubbing it into the meat by hand, as much as the meat would take. He hung it in the fridge-smoker, and smoked it with hickory chunks until the meat was hard and brown.

Use a hollow tree for smoking meats -
hollow tree meat smoker
If you do not have some type of smoker you can use a hollow tree that is standing upright.

Plug the top of the tree and leave a hole in the bottom next to the ground to insert wood for smoking. Do not plug the top until after you have hung the meat inside.

Keep a fire smoking in the bottom continually until the meat is done, never letting the fire go out.

Cherrie Sorenson


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Dried Meat Is Really Good!
by: Paula

A lot of people don't have access to hunting or (fresh kill) for their regular meat supply, but like you have said Cherrie, we can use meat that is on sale or that we purchase from stores or butcher shops, and smoking and drying meat can easily be done using methods that we have today.

Our family has used our oven to dehydrate meat, now we use a food dehydrator. Either way, preserving meat for snacking and for food preparedness is a smart way to keep and use meat, and it tastes really good too!

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