Self Sufficient Living - Learn To Do It Yourself

Self sufficient living and survival preparedness naturally go hand-in-hand...

One of the most practical and rewarding things in life is the ability to make and create things yourself, instead of having to rely on others.

In the area of emergency preparedness, the knowledge and ability to do things for yourself is even more important and beneficial.

When you have created or learned how to do something on your own, you get a sense of accomplishment that is so much more gratifying than going to a store and buying what someone else has made, or something that a factory has produced.

You also appreciate things a whole lot more when you know the steps and labor that are involved in making or preparing it yourself!

Learn How To Make Things Yourself... Start A New DIY Project

Self Sufficient Living - Homemade Yogurt

Most home-made personal items such as - hand soaps, dish and laundry soaps, house-hold cleaners, also homemade foods like - cheese, yogurt, etc., are made with natural ingredients that you choose and control, they are much healthier for you... and that alone is an added bonus!

The popular saying; "try-it-you-might-like-it" certainly applies when learning the How-To's of living more prepared.

There are many different DIY projects that relate to living prepared, most are quite simple yet beneficial for you or your family to work on together.

Below are a few articles and stories that might be interesting and helpful to you, most of these pages are submissions by site visitors.

Learning from others can be an inspiration, especially when you are first starting something you have never done before. So take-a-look and see what's here.

Read The 'Self Sufficient Living' Stories That We Have So Far:

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    My name is Linda, This is my story...
    I hope it will be encouraging to someone who is just starting out or would like to live this lifestyle of... Living Off The Land!

  • Simple Living In Hard Times

    Difficult situations come in different ways... disasters, loosing a job, or just the simple fact of barely making it from check to check. This page covers four simple tips to help you save a little of  your hard earned money.

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