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Our site goal is to be a Complete Emergency Preparedness Source. Emergency food, water, survival kits, disaster equipment, survival lists, personal, family and pet planning, survival gardening, also spiritual preparedness and inspiration.

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A Handy Reference Page to Inform You Of The Latest Changes on This Site, also any New Visitor Submitted Pages from The Share and Prepare Center (next page below).

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This Is The Place to Share Your Emergency and Survival Preparedness Knowledge, Ideas, and Stories. Visitor's are invited to write their own pages in the categories below...

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Share Your Own Page Here - Anything About Survival Stuff

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Share Your Own Page Here - Inspiration For Tough Times

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Our Recommended and Thoughtfully Chosen Selections - All Types of Emergency Preparedness Products

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Advantages Of Solar Power -
Advantages of Solar Power for Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Food -
Emergency Food Supply - Foundation of Emergency Disaster Planning

    Food Storage Containers
    Types of Food Storage Containers Used for Emergency Food Supply

    How To Dehydrate Food
    Learning How to Dehydrate Food is Simple, Safe and Easy. Detailed Steps On 4 Different Methods of Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables.

      Food Dehydrating
      Learn the Basic Facts About Why Food Dehydrating is a Great Emergency Food Source and Food Storage Alternative

      How to Dehydrate Fruit
      Dehydrate fruit to presurve natures goodness

      How to Dehydrate Vegetables
      Dehydrating vegetables to save some green

      Dehydrated Food Storage
      Picking up where the dehydrator left off

      Making Jerky and Beyond
      How to make jerky and dry meats to beef up your emergency food storage

      The Best Food Dehydrator
      How to pick out the best food dehydrator for you

    Basic Dry Bulk Food Storage Methods
    How to Obtain the Maximum Shelf Life of Dry Bulk Food Storage

    Freeze Dried Foods
    Freeze Dried Foods - The Best Option For a Food Shortage or Emergency

    Survival Food List
    Types of Foods For Your Emergency Food Storage List - Includes a Handy List of Grocery Store Survival Food Items.

    Best Canned Food Storage
    Informational Study and List of the Best Nutritional Canned Food Storage for Your Emergency Food Supply

    Oxygen Absorbers and Desiccants
    Using Oxygen Absorbers and Desiccants in Your Food Storage are the Two Main Keys to Keeping Harmful Moisture and Air from Your Emergency Food Supply.

Emergency Water -
Emergency Water Information, Storage, Tips and Guides

Emergency Water Filters
Learn About and Choose the Best Type of Emergency Water Filters

Ways To Purify Water
Ways To Purify Water for Safe Drinking and Storing In Emergencies

Emergency Equipment & Supplies -
Information giving the different types of Emergency Survival Equipment Needed Before Disaster Strikes

Emergency Power Generators
Learn About and How To Use Emergency Power Generators

Emergency Backup Generator
Which backup generator is right for you, portable or standby

Emergency Weather Radio
Emergency Weather Radio - Essential For Early Emergency Warnings

Self Defense Tools
Self Defense Tools & Home Safety Products To Consider For Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Kits -
Information and Descriptions of the Different Types of Emergency Kits

72 Hour Emergency Kit
10 Basic Contents and Tips For Using

Pocket Knives
Tips for picking the best pocket knife for you

Emergency Car Kit
An Emergency Car Kit is Essential For Emergencies Of Any Kind

Survival Lists -
Disaster Survival Lists and Tips

Survival Items List
Detailed Survival List Showing Survival Food and Other Itemized Survival Supplies that are Needed to Prepare for Emergencies or Disasters. Including Links to Purchase the Items

Survival Food List
Food Choices For Your Emergency Food Storage List - Includes a List of Grocery Store Survival Food Items

Pet Preparedness -
Do You Know Pet CPR and Basic First Aid? Be Sure Your Pets Are Ready For An Emergency Or A Disaster

Pet Disaster Kit
12 Steps To Prepare a Pet Disaster Kit Before An Emergency or Disaster Strikes

Emergency Pet First Aid & Care
Do You Know Pet CPR or Basic First Aid If Your Pet Should Need Help?

Survival Garden -
Grow A Survival Garden and Be Prepared For A Disaster or Food Shortage Emergency

Emergency Garden Foods List
Suggestions of Garden Food Varieties to Plant and Store

Planning A Survival Garden
Important Steps To Plan Your Survival Garden Before Planting

Vegetable Companion Planting
Read About The Benefits of Vegetable Companion Planting For Your Survival Garden

Survival Seed
Why It's Best To Use Non-Hybrid Seed to Plant Your Emergency Preparedness Garden

Storing Survival Garden Seeds
How To Dry, Package, and Store Survival Garden Seeds

Disaster Planning -
Personal, Pet, and Family Guides For Times of Emergency

Family Disaster Plan
Guides And Worksheets To Prepare Your Family For Emergency Events

Earthquake Preparation
Earthquake Survival Guide- How To Prepare For An Earthquake Emergency

Hurricane Preparedness
Hurricane Preparedness - Practical Steps For Personal & Home Survival

Power Outage Guide
How to Prepare For A Unexpected Power Outage Emergency

Pet Preparedness Planning
Pet Planning - Getting Pets Ready For Emergencies and Disasters

Spiritual Preparedness -
Biblical Inspiration and Up-lifting Bible Verses For Troubled Times

Biblical Survival Planning
God Has an Emergency Plan, Biblical Words and Verses

Inspirational Videos
Video Clips of People's lives of Encouragement, Inspiring Words and Verses of Inspiration

Inspirational Christian Music Videos
Christian Inspiration Songs and Music Video Clips With A Message

Food Storage Recipes - Enter Your Own Recipe Here
Food Storage Recipes Utilizing Ingredients That Are Grown, Harvested, and Stored With Self Sufficient or Emergency Preparedness Cooking in Mind.

Self Sufficient Living
Read stories, experiences, and get tips about living prepared. Learn different DIY projects, most of these pages submitted by site visitors.

Making Homemade Soap

Living Off The Land

Simple Living In Hard Times

Current News and Weather Updates -
Stay informed and up-to-date on current emergency preparedness news and disaster events.

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