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This Is The Place to Share Your Survival Preparedness Ideas, Knowledge, and Stories. These are your stories... all submitted by site visitors.

Tell others how you are living prepared - Share While You Prepare.

In today's world, there are many signs that we should be preparing for emergency and survival situations, as quickly as possible... without procrastinating!

Recognize that no matter where you live there is a chance that you will experience a disaster or survival crisis of some form. It is simply a matter of time.

So How Can You Share While You Prepare?

We want All-Things-Emergency-Prepared to be a great site that encourages visitors to participate and be active contributors.

With that in mind... This Survival Preparedness page is where you can come in and share your success (and failures for that matter), strengths and skills. Tell your related stories and experiences with others who have similar interests and who "want to learn" what you know, or to "see" what you've done (photos and videos are welcome).

This is your opportunity to add your own page into the Share and Prepare Center. Join in and tell others how you are living prepared... it's really easy - just follow the 2 simple steps!

Below is the list of categories related to emergency topics, survival preparedness, and spiritual inspiration.

1. Click on a category of interest to add your page, to get topic suggestions, or to read what others are sharing.

2. After you have "submitted" the form in that category, we will publish your page on this site.


  • Submit content that is beneficial and interesting to others. If content is too short (400 words or more is best), it will not be posted.
  • Original content only, not duplicate content that has been posted elsewhere.
  • No content for the purpose of advertising, or for link exchanging.
  • In general; links will not be posted.
    (At our discretion; A "helpful" link may be kept as "text" or posted as a "live-link").

We look forward to reading and seeing what you have to
Share and Prepare!

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Share Anything about Survival Stuff
Here's a few ideas:
  • Share your survival skills with others
  • Had a "real life" survival experience? Share your story
  • Are you living prepared and want to share how?
  • Tell others about your favorite DIY projects
How Are You Inspired Through
Crisis or Tough Times?

Share Your Inspiration Here
  • Share your story of inspiration through tough times
  • Favorite quotes or poems of inspiration
  • Have an inspiring Youtube video to share? Write something about it and we will post it here

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