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Are you prepared with at least basic survival skills, and emergency survival stuff? Do you have the knowledge to keep yourself and those you care for alive when a crisis or disaster happens?

If you do... we invite you to share it with others, if you don't... you might benefit by reading what others have submitted here.

Normal circumstances and living conditions have given most people a false sense of security. We don't know when or where a crisis is going to happen, survival preparedness means being aware and prepared. Basic survival needs and skills are usually taken for granted when living under normal conditions.

You don’t want to be caught empty handed when a sudden event occurs... at that time crowds will be making a mad rush to the nearest stores trying to stock up on food, water, fuel, and other survival necessities. By that time, emergency and survival preparedness items may very well be unavailable, and possibly for long periods of time.

We would like to invite you to join-in with your ideas, stories, experience's, and advise. Other people would love to hear and see... what you are doing to be more prepared with survival stuff and living a self-sufficient lifestyle.

This Is Your Place to Share and Prepare!

The term "Survival Stuff" can cover many things, the following are just a few subject ideas that you could write about to help others Share and Prepare...

  • Basic survival skills, for disasters, wilderness, or other emergencies.
  • Tell us what you do in a power outage or other event.
  • Have the best equipment? Tell us about your favorites.
  • Do you have a good survival plan - how do you practice it?
  • Tell us your story of surviving a disaster or emergency
    (or someone else's, if you have permission to use it).
  • Have a related video on YouTube? Tell about it here and we'll include the video link.

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Other Visitor Stories and Ideas

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