Tips For Your Bug Out Bag

by Tumbleweed Joe
(High Desert)

Does Your Bug Out Bag, or Grab-n-Go Survival Bag, Have a Few Emotional and Comfort Necessities?

Howdy there! It's the Joes' - Folks, we're a pretty rough and tough bunch of Indians. From an early age, we were trained to go for days without food or water. But the reality with most folks is: extreme deprivation is really disconcerting and it can especially make children afraid, and under-confident if they aren't prepared for it.

As parents know, children thrive on a certain routine. You can get a good kid to go through almost anything if you just prepare them for it, tell them what's gonna happen. But food is something that kids rely on us for, and it's reassuring to them on every level.

Everybody thinks in terms of storing up grains and beans. What about the chocolate pudding? Have you thought about chocolate pudding as a survival food? Kids young to old like sweets and comfort foods. And even us tough warrior Joes like things like chocolate pudding.

It's not just a joke. As we interview and have people communicate to us from all over the world, people say they had access to basic survival commodities, but what they lacked and would trade anything for was small things that made life more bearable like a bit of cocoa powder, or some spices, or maybe even a bar of scented soap.

Men, I want you to pay attention to these things because we always think in terms of physical survival, but our woman and kids are gonna need other things that don't come naturally to us as priorities.

The people under our care have emotional needs, that to them, are every bit as real as our physical needs. And as we look at these items for a bug-out-bag, we need most of this stuff already, it just has a dual-purpose.


  1. Sugar in any form. Chocolate, granola, candy, whatever.

  2. A signal mirror. They work great as signal mirrors, but there's something stabilizing to a woman, in the opinion of us Joes, to see her own reflection. This can also be useful for kids in a crisis: "see kid you are OK, here you are in a mirror, you are fine, right?"

  3. A pad and paper for people to write out their tear-streaked last will and testament. Hey, people in trouble are generally pretty emotional, but if you can get them to externalize this emotion, you just lightened their load by like 50%.

  4. OK another thing: we all have flashlights in our bugout gear, how about candles?

    Candles emit warmth but also, fire has been the friend of humankind for like a gazillion years. Notice how people stare into a camp fire? Us humans have been doing that for umpti-gazillion years.

  5. If we really wanted to get deep on this, it makes a case for keeping a hair brush, some lipstick, and some eye-liner in the bug out bag because ladies always feel better when they are made up.

  6. Kids always feel better if they can draw and write their experiences, so add a coloring book and crayons to your survival bag.

As leaders, we must take care of the physical and psychological needs of those under our protection.

Just another couple of tips from the Joes' at where we can do all that he-man stuff, but we know if we don't remember the coloring books and crayons, our butt's are as good as cooked anyway.

-Tumbleweed Joe

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Loved the Article!
by: Best Bug Out Bags

Just read Karrie's article and what a great post!
Funny and yet informative. I so totally agree with you on setting a deadline - or imaginary survival point. I like to tell people to go on a weekend camping trip in the wild woods as THAT will help them realize real quickly what to put into their bug out bags!

There are some really great writers out there including All Things Emergency Prepared for survival stuff.

No one REALLY know what is going to happen but at least we can be prepared! I have several pages on bug out bags on my site ( as well if you want to check them out. Make it a good one!

Craving sugar in a disaster
by: Karrie Kohlhaas

I was laughing as I read your blog because I gave up sugar in January and thought as I read, "He's right! I bet I would totally crave a Snickers bar in an emergency."

I just got my Go Bag together in case I need to flee and wrote this somewhat nutty article about it. Maybe it will help your readers:

Thanks for all you are doing to help people prepare!

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